VARAM GROUP (earlier GLOBAL Group) has been providing Solutions mainly in the Field of Material Handling (Conveying), Industrial Automation, Robotics, Automatic Car Parking, Automated Warehousing, Alternate Energy Solutions etc, and have been catering for various Industrial segments like Tyre, LPG, Automobile, Food, Electronics, Candle, White Goods, Metal etc.


  • VARAM Automations is an exclusive Company, set up for Providing Customised Solutions in Material Handling, by VARAM GROUP. VARAM GROUP, are one among the Pioneers in Providing Total Turnkey Solutions in Automation and Material handling from 1994 onwards as a "System Integrator".
  • VARAM GROUP has been providing Solutions mainly in the Field of Material Handling (Conveying), Industrial Automation, Robotics, Automated Warehousing, Alternate Energy Solutions etc, and have been catering for various Industrial segments like Tyre, LPG, Automobile, Food, Electronics, Candle, White Goods, Metal etc
  • We have our in house team who engineer a complete customized turnkey solution based on the clients requirement
  • we have Technology collaboration with Companies worldwide, who are pioneers in their field of activity and are having experience of more than Two plus decades and executed projects for more than 25000 plus Car Slots.
  • With our Technical Prowess, coupled with our Principals long stay in this business, we are today in a position to offer an Optimum Solution for any type of Parking Project.
  • We have a full fledged Manufacturing set up in Bangalore and are able to provide any type of Support during Supply, Installation and Post Warranty AMC Support.

Our Vision

To be a Global Player in Providing Modular, Technologically advance, Optimum Material Handling Solutions as a Leading System Integrator.

Our Mission

To be the leader in providing Turnkey Automation & Customized Solutions for Various Industrial sectors.

To offer existing customers Forward/ Backward integration Material Handling Solutions for their inplant Assembly or Production line.

To extend same technology for other similar areas of application.

Promoter Background

Mr.Vardachari Ramesh

Mr.Vardachari Ramesh is a Chartered Engineer with an MBA in Finance, is a First Generation Technopreneur, who worked for 9 years with SYSTEMS GROUP of company after his graduation, before starting off his own venture, GLOBAL GROUP in 1994.
GLOBAL was catering for various segments like Industrial Automation, Car Parking Solutions, Robotics, Warehousing etc. After expanding the business for 22 years, he decided to Restructure the company and VARAM GROUP was formed. Under this banner, 5 Major divisions have been created VARAM AUTOMATIONS, CONSULTANCY, ENERGY, PARKING, WAREHOUSING catering to each sector of GLOBAL’s expertise.
He has more than 32 years of rich experience in execution and Providing Turnkey Solutions in the field of Material Handling, Tyre Industry, Automotive Assembly line, System Integration, Industrial Automation, Robotic Handling, Machine Vision solutions, SPM (Special Purpose Machine), LPG Bottling Plants, Application/ Product development etc. He also has hands on experience of more than Two decades in Business Development, Techno Commercial Negotiations, Pre & post Sales Operations, Project execution on site, Client Relationship Management, Specialized Product/ Solution development in Parking arena.
He was instrumental in signing of Technology Partnership for various Car Parking systems with some of the Pioneering Car Parking Companies across the Globe and is now able to offer the same Technology with Optimum costing to the Indian Market and also export from India. He has forged good partnership with Investors across the Globe, who are keen to Invest in Parking Projects on BOOT basis, if the same is Techno-commercially viable.


Some of the Key parameters on which clients prefer to work with us as First Choice are :

  •   VARAM provides Turnkey Projects as System Integrators for inplant Material Handling , right from Conceptualisation, Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning and Post Warranty AMC, as a ONE STOP solution.
  •   VARAM plays the role of SINGLE SOURCE vendor to client, thereby client need to follow up with multiple vendor.
  •   VARAM Solutions are totally Modular in Construction, allowing flexibility in expansion in the future or layout change.
  •   VARAM ensures that the Connected Load and Operational Load are always kept at the minimal when compared to other vendors.
  •   VARAM offers remote monitoring of all its Equipments, thereby trouble shooting immediately in the event of any breakdown.
  •   VARAM offers a Standard Warranty of 24 Months Warranty across all its products and it is one of its kind.
  •   VARAM offers some of the equipments on Lease/ Rental after studying the Techno Commercial feasibility.

 Safety Features : We ensure that there is multiple Safety features built in the System, like Mechanical Locking, Sensors/ Barrier Switches/ Limit Switches, Software Interlocks, Visual display, Alarm etc.

Why Turn Key Automation?

  • Increased productivity

    Turnkey Automation always ensures that Productivity is increased with the same Manpower

  • Improved product quality

    Turnkey Automation will increase the Quality of the Product at every stage and hence less rejection, and no human error.

  • Flexible manufacturing and reduced costs

    Total Modular in construction, which will ensure line flexibility based on the demand forecast for the product.

  • Improve process and system scalability

    Drastic improvement in the Process, and decrease in TACT time, thereby increasing productivity.

  • Repeatability

    Repeatability in all the products produced.

  • Integration with business systems

    Integration between FACTORY to OFFICE and remote diagnostics and data collection, with dashboard information to the top management.

  • Waste reduction

    Large reduction in Rejection of product and Scrap.

  • Reduction of labor costs

    Capex and Opex cost is always low, when Turnkey Automation is introduced over 2 or 3 shifts of working in a Factory environment.